A Question About Outsourcing

Should I use IT outsourcing?

I think that IT Outsourcing is a wise investment for a lot of situations. Whether you’re a startup that has absolutely no major dependence on programming, or you’re a major software Institute that has a full roster of employees, I think there is room for this type of Outsourcing to make its way into your practice. For those that have very little to do with programming, even more so. You see, it seems like these days every business needs a touch of digital relevance. Whether that comes from a mobile app that accompanies your product, service, or location, or a website, the need for special programming is not small in a lot of different projects, especially in a hyper-competitive environment like the one we live in today. If your business engages more with software engineering, and other such fields, there’s still room for IT Outsourcing, because it allows you to take on more responsibilities without hiring more staff. Whether that’s new responsibilities, or just taking on a larger workload and dividing it differently, there are lots of good reasons to start engaging with the Outsourcing Market to take care of certain elements of business. There are immense amounts of possibilities in the world, within the country and internationally, to fill needs in an efficient way. It would be naive if one or not to consider the possibility of Outsourcing certain types of work. In my opinion, it is absolutely worth considering, and finding out how Outsourcing can benefit the IT sector of your organisation today.  Anybody that has an ethical issue with Outsourcing, should realize that domestic Outsourcing is just as comment, if not more common, and most Fields then International Outsourcing is. Matter of fact, they appeal to a completely different types of clients with completely different budgets.

How to use electric scooter

So, I kept hearing about this product. I heard about it on the BBC, I heard about it through the European Union, and I’ve heard about it from a wide range of serious professionals and business it’ll eat. Basically, UNU is offering an amazing electric scooter that is fully dependent on electricity and does not depend on any other form of power. There is no option to use oil or gas, or coal, or anything that causes pollution. Simply, all you do, is plug your battery into a wall outlet for five hours, and that will allow for 50 kilometers of driving. For most people, 50 kilometers of driving is about 3 full days of driving. You can also have the option to have a second battery on you in the vehicle or charging at home, so if you have both vehicles charged you can drive for up to a hundred kilometers before having another 5 Hour charging session. The only drawback that I can find it this scooters that you can’t really take it out of the Auto Bond, because it is so dependable and efficient, and it is designed for the city. Because it is designed for the city specifically, it does not go faster than 45 km/h, which is also one of the reasons why it is so efficient and effective, and safe as an option if you are a city driver. Honestly, if you’re living in a German City, I see no reason why you shouldn’t grab one of these scooters, and I can’t wait till they become more widely available. If they were available in my city, I would be buying one no question. But with the rate of growth of UNU, I can see more options like this arising all over the planet. And that will truly make the earth a better place.

If I could, I’d elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)



Revolutionary tech advancement for students

My Life as a student has been better since I began using a weighted grade calculator. I know it’s such a simple and just adjustment, but these free websites are pretty awesome– seriously, I never thought that this kind of thing would affect me so much, but knowing exactly what grades I have to achieve to finish a semester with her. Final grade that I need or want, just helps me focus on things of a totally good and helpful way. Like, there’s no mystery anymore. It’s like if I want to finish at a certain place, I know exactly what grade I have to achieve, so I know basically how hard I have to study for that final exam. Sometimes, the way things are weighted by some of my professors, which is quite absurd, I can finish with an A, even if I were to totally Bots my final exam and get a mark like a C.  You know, without these weighted calculators, I wouldn’t have no idea of that, and I would assume that to maintain my grade, I would need to achieve at a much higher level. When I know that I don’t have to do that, I can then invest my energy and something that is far more appropriate, like a course that I’m not doing as well and. Isn’t that just so cool? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I think that this is the kind of thing that totally revolutionizes the student experience. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just a geek about this kind of thing. But it has helped me so much. So much, for sure. I am so glad I started using one of these websites for all of my courses, it has totally changed my perspective.

How the 360 fly video camera will literally change your life.

The 360 fly is a state of the art, one of a kind video camera that offers a 360 degree video view. One of the pioneers of this technology, this device operates with a single lens to ensure total capture. Most of the users have likened the experience to a feeling of being inside the camera and being able to do whatever you want to do inside the camera.

Amazing features you can expect

What’s more, the camera itself is really portable because it fits snugly into your palm. It has unmatched capabilities because it can shoot a cool 360 degrees horizontally, and 240 degrees vertically. This ensures that you will never miss a moment in your life. The camera also boasts features like being sand, water and dust resistant meaning it can virtually be carried to any part of the world, or outside the world – like on the moon. It also has an impressive memory capacity. A 32GB built in memory slot which means you can save all the memories you like without fear space ever running out. It has also been proven that the 360fly video camera can record for as long as two hours. In all this time, it will ensure that the video maintains a 360 degree angle

For the adventurous you, and the whole experience

The camera also comes with a mount that can easily be detached. The camera can therefore be placed anywhere, and on any angle to provide the perfect shot. 360 fly also comes with wifi which enables easy transfer of videos to any smart phone. Another great feature is the 360fly application. This application offers a cool free to download feature which will enable you to shoot your video, share it, or edit quickly. This feature should never be taken lightly. It is a complete game changer because now, just at the touch of your finger, you can now be able to select how your videos can be watched. What’s more, since you are the one taking the video, you will always be the focal point of all captions in a 360 degree angle. How cool is that. Another major advantage of the 360fly is that it can film 30 frames every second. Imagine that. For a hand held device. It also has an amazing resolution of 1504 pixels.


What the 360fly does is give you the ultimate video capturing experience so you can really feel yourself in the camera. And it does all this using just a single camera where other devices would use two or three lenses. The 360fly video camera is truly a device that you just can’t ignore

Search Engine Optimisation – Frequently Asked Questions

(Part 2 of 2) Following on from last weeks blog article is another frequently asked question that I am asked when selling our SEO services. Everyone wants to know what they are getting for their money. They want to see deliverables, and that they will be getting a positive ROI (return on investment). I have outlined below what you receive from the team here at Rankd, an SEO Auckland, following a recent question from one of our clients.

Question Two from Vancouver SEO, Indexsy:

“What is actually delivered in your monthly retainer as part of an SEO campaign? Isn’t SEO more about setting up the website to be optimised from the inception based on the analysis done at the beginning? I understand the adwords based on paying per click and needing an associated monthly budget but confused by the monthly charge for SEO”

A lot of people think that SEO is something that you just do once. The only way you are going to beat your competition and stay on top is through a monthly retainer where continual investment in SEO ensures that you remain on top.

A major element of SEO is link acquisition (more commonly referred to as link building). The reason why this is so important is because the more high quality, contextually relevant links you have to your website from other websites, the higher your PageRank will be. PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.

According to Google:

“PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.”

It is not the only algorithm used by Google to order search engine results, but it is the first algorithm that was used by the company, is the best-known, and remains an extremely dependable predictor of search engine rankings across all industries. 

PageRank works on a logarithmic scale of 0-10. Ongoing work needs to take place to promote your website so that it gains popularity (represented by links) from other websites, before the site will be able to enjoy broad based high rankings in search engine results pages.

Aside from increasing your PageRank, we also carry out the services listed in our “scope of services – monthly seo“. This includes, but is not limited to:

  •     Initial setup
  •     Reviewing SEO analysis
  •     Setting up tools
  •     Onpage optimisation
  •     Ongoing services
  •     Creating landing pages
  •     Link building
  •     Measurement and optimisation

Below is a snippet from a project calendar of a client who we are currently working for. It ensures that we deliver results on time, and gives complete transparency so that you know what we are doing on a month to month basis, and what our deliverables are.

If you are interested in learning more about how SEO can help drive growth for your business, get in touch with Rankd today.

Real Estate Bubble in Vancouver

There are two very contrasting theories doing rounds about the real estate bubble burst. Some experts say that the good times are over and now it’s time to pack our bags and move to the properties we bought in hope of selling them one day. On the other hand are some enthusiasts who say nothing of the sort is required as the bubble about the real estate is a myth and probably just a phobia created by the myth.

There is no certain way of saying what will actually happen in the coming years but a little speculation will make things clear. If you take a look, there might be too many listings on MLS Burnaby

The Interest Rates

Monetary Policies demand that the interest rates are varied time to time to control the capital inflow or outflow. This is absolutely imperative for any growing economy. It is done in order to actually make the consumers save some money. Believe it or not but when the prices go high, except for select few, many consumers tend to not spend money on that product and would want to wait till the prices come down again. This helps in avoiding unnecessary consumerism and the slump gives time to economy to adjust.

The Rate Of Increase

The fact is that this rise in interests is the very factor that will keep the bubble from bursting. Now consider this, if you were asked to shell out $2000 tomorrow for a particular service, let us say, lawn mowing, would it not seem very drastic? But if you were to pay the same $2000 over the period of six months in order to keep your lawn orderly, is it still drastic? No!  You are still paying though but somehow the cost does not seem to affect you as much. This is the same with the rate of interest increase. The rates are increasing gradually and this is a well thought out plan to help avoid inflation or too drastic economic fluctuations.

The Real Estate Bubble Myth Contribution To The Burst

Part of the problem about the bubble burst arises from the fear of bubble burst itself. People who do not understand the economy well are bent upon trying to prove that the prices are going high because there is a burst. This leads to a scared lot of buyers who do not want to invest anymore and the demand goes spiralling down. Perhaps this is why West Vancouver real estate is so expensive. 

This phenomenon that leads to the problem that everyone was scared of.

How iBeacon and Eddystone benefit users

Google launched the Eddystone, the new Bluetooth LE technology that is a tiny transmitter basically helping to beam signals to the devices that are in the vicinity. It transmits data on an interest point and is picked in the range of transmitters by a mobile device. iBeacon from the tech giant Apple came into existence two years before the launch of Googles Eddystone.

iBeacons were primarily deployed by Apple to support people shopping at Apple Stores. For instance, a beacon-equipped store can send out in-store promotions to its customers in the store instantly. Alternatively, places such as museums could set up this technology to send museum exhibits data to people to view them.

Eddystone is extensible and robust. It also supports multiple frame types facilitating different use cases, and supports versioning to introduce new functionality easier. The cross-platform supports Android, iOS or other platforms supporting BLE beacons. It is also available on GitHub under the Apache v2.0 license open-source, for everyone to use and improve.

As Eddystone is an open source and offers support for cross-platform in iOS and Android, it has an extra edge over iBeacon that works only with select iDevices. This reveals that the iBeacon has limitations as only a small percentage using smartphone and worldwide can use iBeacon. Thus, the Eddystone open source ability offers a major advantage over iBeacon.

Another difference between these transmitters is that, same as iBeacon, Eddystone supports multiple “frame types”. iBeacons send out only UUIDs basically tied to the developer’s server. So, one must have the specific app to perform a particular task. Google’s Eddystone on the other hand, sends URL replacing UUID. This is resistance free and can release in a Web browser featuring specific apps, besides is ideal for solitary data transactions.

URLs are the “QR Code” option, and the advantage is there is no need to have a QR Code reader app. Besides, one need not take the QR code image.

The beacons onset offers the users advantage of automation capabilities and new functionalities even for retail apps. Thus the Bluetooth beacon ensures a bright future ahead.

Beacon technology is sure to evolve a lot in the coming years and now the market is in the adoption phase offering little visibility of order and timing featuring new integrations and exciting functionalities to be released.  However, developers and companies are considering the flexibility it offers to enable switching between the protocols and to adopt a mix-n-match approach with both formats.


Rocking Chair and its Advantages


Man has always remained in the quest of new inventions like the best rocking chairs since its creation. This is because they wish to live a luxurious life. They have invented many things for their benefit. Most of those things satisfied their needs and some have troubled them indeed. But, in spite of all these troubles, they are still going at very fast speed in making new inventions. Most of these inventions are directly linked with their aesthetic sense because these are made for the decoration of either their homes or their bodies. One of the most important of these inventions is the home furniture. This has made their life a lot luxurious. The chairs are main item of the home furniture. These are further divided into many categories.

Rocking Chairs

These are actually a type of Adirondack chairs made by Thomas Lee. These are the chairs built on two curved edges called rockets and can move forward and backward. The four legs of the chair are attached with these rockets. These are very commonly used in almost all the countries of the world.


All the chairs are advantageous in their own way but these rocket chairs are most advantageous of all. Following are its main advantages:

  • Good Source of Exercise
  • Increases Balance
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Good Thigh Exercise

Good Source of Exercise

The very first advantages of these chairs is that these are very good source of exercise. Sitting in them, we can move forward and backward and it acts like an exercise and soothes the body. This is because of blood pressure downfall and slowness of respiration. In other way, we can say that it is very good exercise for the whole body. It is especially useful for those who cannot walk or exercise.

Increases of Balance

Another advantage of rocking chairs is that their rocking movement increases the balance of the body. This balance increase is beneficial for all especially for old people and helps them walk easily.

Improves Muscle Tone

Improved muscle tone is another very good advantage of rocking chairs. As rocking the chair requires energy and puts pressure on the muscles and their power increases, and helps the body move. Although it is not heavy exercise, yet it is useful for people with sedentary life style.

Good Thigh Exercise

Rocking the chair is also a very good thigh exercise. As the pressure is exerted on the thighs, therefore, it helps to strengthen the thigh.

In conclusion, it can easily be said that the best rocking chairs are very beneficial for the health and should be kept in every house.


Habitat enhancement plans

Habitat enhancement plans

For the proper enhancement and management of Burnaby golf course it is important to follow some basic steps. It is paramount that you make a very good choice while selecting plants for golf course, the shrubs, forbs and grasses amongst others are the major elements that should form the major components of a good habitat because they are responsible for the provision of food and shelter.


Burnaby golf course security cameras – keeping you safe all the time

Burnaby golf course security cameras – keeping you safe all the time

You can always get relaxed and play with a good sense of safety and security in Burnaby golf course with security cameras working. There is no need to be fearful of cases where someone can sneak up at your back to mug or do something worse to you. It is therefore paramount for golf courses to install cameras to ensure that their patrons and the surrounding environment are always safe all the time as the cameras will definitely cover large course areas.