4 Ways to get Better Reviews for Your App

4 Ways to get Better Reviews for Your App

App ranking are directly associated with the reviews for the different apps in the same way a clear mind is associated with fresh morning coffee. If you are posting an app on some store, then you would like it to have a higher rank, wouldn’t you? A higher rank could be reached to with the availability of good reviews for your app. Having these reviews wouldn’t just improve your app’s rank, but also would set it in a circular loop of benefits. In this loop you will see your app is getting more downloads and thus appears more on the different searching engines to get more and more downloads again. On the other hand, if the reviews on your app are bad then the rank of your app would get less and less. Reviews are very critical issue for both of you and your app. So let’s check how to make sure to get some good review for your app.

  • Help the user to make the review.

Users are not usually very interested in making reviews. Make their life easier by designing a simple plugin for review. Ask them to use it. You can make your app gives extra points for those who make the reviews. This way you helping them to do the reviews and they are helping you to get a higher rank and developing your app more and more.

  • Choose the right moment

To get a positive feedback you have to ask the users to rate you in the right moment. Let the app displays the message of requesting rating when the user is happy. If your app is a game, then you can ask for rating when the user wins the game.

  • Don’t get in a harry

Asking the users to give a feedback while the app is still under development may cause destructive impact on your app reviews.  And if you asked the users to give the feedback before they have enough time dealing with app and understanding it clearly, then the reviews you are getting are not completely real and won’t help in improving the app. Take your time and let the user take his time.

  • Accept and respond

Sometimes you would get some great reviews, congratulations dear. Some other times you would get bad reviews complaining about something in the app. Do not get angry. Accept these review as a feedback for you to improve your app. Politely and quickly, respond to the criticizing review. Try to fix the issue as fast as you can. Doing that will result in promoting your app rank in the App store rankings.

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Bonnie and Clyde Demystified

Bonnie and Clyde Demystified

Bonnie and Clyde are two personages from real life that caught the press attention. Later they have inspired novels, movies, plays, TV shows, and songs. The heart images of Bonnie and Clyde are now full of what the media has shown us. Even at their time, tabloids were not accurate about their real life. On this article, we will demystify some of the most common false statements about the couple.


The Rude Bonnie

On most places, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker is pictured as a rude woman. She is insolent and usually holds a gun and a cigar. It is believed that Bonnie never hesitates when it is time to shoot, and everyone feared her. These affirmations come from the circulation of a photo in which she appears with a gun in one hand and a cigar in her mouth.