Burnaby condos for sale at a glance and its popularity

If you really want to buy Burnaby condos for sale you will find the glittering high rise above the city of Burnaby. These beautiful condos offer you ultra modern sensibilities with a perfect touch of superb amenities and fantabulous design. All these exceptional features of these condos make them a top pick in the list of desirable collection.

In the modern times Burnaby is a bustling city with dense population but it was not the case a few years ago. It is surprising to know that about 60% of the total working population of Burnaby has a native language other than English or French. This amazing blend of cultural influences has resulted in a universal vibe in the city which is just not limited to people but it is also seen in the night life, shops, restaurants and entertainment.

Some of the striking features of Burnaby condos

General Information

This condo in Burnaby is built with concrete perimeter and has an approximate area of 770 square feet.

Bedroom and kitchen

There is a master bedroom, a ling room, eating area, kitchen, porch, space for laundry and storage is this beautiful condo. The master bedroom of this condo has a pretty good size and measures 13 x11 feet.


There are four bathrooms in this condo. This condo is available at price of $ 210000 and comes with a gross tax of $1411. The price per square foot of this beautiful living place is around $273.

Easy access to important places for all your daily needs

The good thing about buying this condo is that you get all things of your daily needs within walking distance. The restaurants bar and cafe are location at a distance of 700 m from this condo which makes your life very easy. Moving further the groceries are located at around 800 m from your place of residence. The schools are even nearer which is just about 200 m and you do not have to travel a lot to drop your kids to school. The shopping complex is about 1 km from your condo.


This condo is one of the best options for you as it has all the facilities which you can think while buying a condo for yourself. You can even get this condo financed and the best part is that you can put in about 5% to 20% as down payment which becomes very convenient for you. With so many promising features and wonderful location the Burnaby condos for sale is an ideal selection and you should not miss it in any case.