Habitat enhancement plans

Habitat enhancement plans

For the proper enhancement and management of Burnaby golf course it is important to follow some basic steps. It is paramount that you make a very good choice while selecting plants for golf course, the shrubs, forbs and grasses amongst others are the major elements that should form the major components of a good habitat because they are responsible for the provision of food and shelter.

What to consider before choosing golf course plants

Factors such as soil structure, intensity of sun, drainage and the vegetation that already exists are to be taken into consideration while choosing the plants.  A mixture of different ornamental plants, nuts and berries should be taken into consideration too. It is advisable to choose native species because they require less water, fertilizer and have low maintenance cost coupled with higher natural resistance ability to diseases and pests. Since the turf for golf courses costs a lot and difficult to maintain, they should be substituted with wildflowers and prairie especially in areas that are out-of-play and also along ponds. Again, the different species of plants that are drought tolerance should also be used as they helps to cut down the cost of fertilizer and water application.

Natural methods of pest management

To cut down cost, natural methods should be applied to control pests in the golf course. Bat boxes should be hanged as a way of encouraging their presence on the golf course. Bats, depending on their number consume thousands of insects in the night. With this, you will be sure of getting rid of moths, mosquitoes and leafhoppers. The insects that live on the leaves, barks and branches are also consumed by bats.




Increasing the biodiversity of golf course

To increase the biodiversity of golf course, the below points are of value:

  • Erect different types of bird boxes depending on the different species of birds found in the environment
  • Bat boxes should be erected
  • Ensure adequate regeneration of woodlands
  • There should be reduction in the rate of cutting
  • Natural locations should be designed in places where applicable
  • Do not allow people and vehicles to disturb sensitive areas.

In places like Burnaby where Burnaby golf course is located, some people are against golf courses for agricultural and environmental reasons. The truth is that the large hectares of land used for golf course can be a habitat. In reality these hectares of land can definitely be used for agricultural and urbanization purpose. The loss of habitat is often a misconception and as such golf players and ecologists should be happy having wildlife pleasant and friendly surroundings on the golf course.