How the 360 fly video camera will literally change your life.

The 360 fly is a state of the art, one of a kind video camera that offers a 360 degree video view. One of the pioneers of this technology, this device operates with a single lens to ensure total capture. Most of the users have likened the experience to a feeling of being inside the camera and being able to do whatever you want to do inside the camera.

Amazing features you can expect

What’s more, the camera itself is really portable because it fits snugly into your palm. It has unmatched capabilities because it can shoot a cool 360 degrees horizontally, and 240 degrees vertically. This ensures that you will never miss a moment in your life. The camera also boasts features like being sand, water and dust resistant meaning it can virtually be carried to any part of the world, or outside the world – like on the moon. It also has an impressive memory capacity. A 32GB built in memory slot which means you can save all the memories you like without fear space ever running out. It has also been proven that the 360fly video camera can record for as long as two hours. In all this time, it will ensure that the video maintains a 360 degree angle

For the adventurous you, and the whole experience

The camera also comes with a mount that can easily be detached. The camera can therefore be placed anywhere, and on any angle to provide the perfect shot. 360 fly also comes with wifi which enables easy transfer of videos to any smart phone. Another great feature is the 360fly application. This application offers a cool free to download feature which will enable you to shoot your video, share it, or edit quickly. This feature should never be taken lightly. It is a complete game changer because now, just at the touch of your finger, you can now be able to select how your videos can be watched. What’s more, since you are the one taking the video, you will always be the focal point of all captions in a 360 degree angle. How cool is that. Another major advantage of the 360fly is that it can film 30 frames every second. Imagine that. For a hand held device. It also has an amazing resolution of 1504 pixels.


What the 360fly does is give you the ultimate video capturing experience so you can really feel yourself in the camera. And it does all this using just a single camera where other devices would use two or three lenses. The 360fly video camera is truly a device that you just can’t ignore